Sugar and spice and everything not so nice plus chemical x is what you are to this beautiful life we created together! Out of a love I’ve never had shared up until my path crossed with yours!!!! I having more friends in common with your mom than I do still with you. What made you feel like a great idea. To get away from the same pool I have always fished in and clearly, I am a terrible fisherman and am just one hell of a Pisces.

Though you won my heart with the first thing you said to me as I answered my phone and it never once got awkward but more comfortable and more silly!!!!! You have woken my heart my inner child and I wanted to know you in reality and not just on my own!!!! Whom I created in my own head and felt (feel) in my soul!!! You have imprinted this little girl into my heart as if ours are weaved together!!!! She shall know how much she came from such a great love no matter how our love story did or didn’t end out the way we had planned but doesn’t change our love to have her and bring her into this world to grow learn and teach how to be herself through and through and never not feel like she was wanted to be loved and cherished.

You’re sick and you have been derailed by all the trauma you have yet to work through damaging things with your current female situation and your own life and freedom!!!! How is this little girl supposed to know she comes from more than that white monster can!!!!!!!! What can I do to help you help yourself?!?!? For Hannah’s sake!!!! Carley!!!! You god damn mom your family that girl you call yours and me!!!!!! How are you doing with all your dealing with?!? Your mom shared your locked up and I called a bail bond and found out your chargers and I am just so heartbroken to hear what you have gotten into!!!!!!

Those are things that will take you out of our lives forever!!!!!!’ Why would you do that to us!!!! How could you do that to your girlfriend?!? This isn’t the Peter I know!!!! This is that ass hat backward hat pos that ruined our family!!!!!!! I wish you would love yourself enjoy knowing your worth more than the life you are giving yourself!!!!!!

Hannah and I are safe and sound!!! My business is going official next July I’m really excited and I’m working on a proposal for an after-school program for youth kids to be exposed to the arts do self-confidence building and change the way they view themselves.

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